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The Journal of Arthroscopic Surgery and Sports Medicine (JASSM)

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The Journal of Arthroscopic Surgery and Sports Medicine (JASSM) is an open-access peer-reviewed journal committed to publishing high-quality articles in the field of Orthopedic Surgery, Sports Medicine. The journal is owned by the Indian Arthroscopy Society and published by the Scientific Scholar.

Focus & Scope

Journal of Arthroscopic Surgery and Sports Medicine (JASSM) is an official journal of the Indian Arthroscopy Society (IAS), which is a National organization of arthroscopy surgeons. This society has an ever-growing list of active & associate members which is now over three thousand in numbers. The Society is best known for its extraordinary work of nurturing and training young arthroscopic surgeons across India. JASSM aims to provide its readers with the latest clinical and basic research, and informed opinions about arthroscopic surgery and sports medicine, including regenerative medical treatment for musculoskeletal problems. We believe that it would provide them an opportunity to practice evidence-based medicine. With contributions from leading clinicians and researchers around the world, we aim to be the premier journal providing an international perspective advancing knowledge of sports-related injuries and their management. JASSM publishes content of value to both general orthopedic practitioners and sports medicine specialists. We accept the following types of articles:
  • Original research articles of clinical importance
  • Review articles (narrative and systematic) with a learning value for professionals as well as students
  • Research articles providing the latest in basic biological or engineering research on sports-related injuries
  • Special issues devoted to a single topic offering the general reader an overview of a field, but providing the specialist current, in-depth information
  • Video of arthroscopic surgical procedures, which is innovative and adds to present concepts
  • Articles emphasizing or demonstrating a new clinical sign or a technique
Contributions from anywhere in the world are welcome and considered on their merits. The manuscript must be written in English and should be submitted as outlined in the Guide for Authors. Manuscripts are subject to double-blinded peer-review by experts, and the editor then takes a final decision. Papers are judged by the quality and relevance of the work. Previously published articles, articles which are in peer-reviewed electronic publications in other journals, are not accepted by the Journal. Published articles and illustrations become the property of the Journal. The copyright remains with the journal. Studies must be carried out ethically as per the World Medical Association Declaration of Helsinki.


Our audience includes General Orthopedic Practitioners and Sports Medicine Specialists.

To submit a new manuscript visit– https://editorialassist.com/jassm

For more details visit the journal website – https://jassm.org/