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A unique case of focal pancreatitis termed Groove pancreatitis – Journal of Clinical Imaging Science (JCIS)

Groove pancreatitis (GP) is an unusual form of chronic segmental pancreatitis that affects the “pancreatic groove” between the pancreatic head, the duodenum, and the common bile duct, also known as the groove area. Most physicians are still unfamiliar with an entity. It is a rare pancreatic condition. A recent case report published in the Journal of Clinical Imaging Science has shown that it is challenging to make the diagnosis of Groove pancreatitis or GP on imaging. The report by researchers from NKP Salve Institute of Medical Sciences and Research Centre, Nagpur, also highlighted the importance of having a high index of its suspicion when a pancreatic head abnormality is detected to avoid unnecessary surgical intervention which can be avoided in cases of GP. https://clinicalimagingscience.org/groove-pancreatitis-a-unique-case-of-focal-pancreatitis/. This article has been covered by Medical Dialogues.